Timmy Montana

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Many people think of paintings and sculptures that master artists created when they think of art. This website is not filled and I do not create fine art that took years to learn formally with unique artistic techniques.

Folk Art

Folk art is what is created here and sold by Timmy Montana’s creative hands. Fold art includes more than paintings, but all sorts of objects, textiles, furniture, and carvings that people used traditionally and passed the techniques down to other generations.

Folk art might have changed during the 1900’s however I still strongly believe in the magnitude of folk art and it is something that many households and collectors around the world cherish and continue to appreciate. The day of mass production might have pushed traditional object out of the way, objects that were made by hand in long forgotten years.


Fortunately, there are still artists and people who believe in the strong traditions of folk art and remain distinct in various communities. It is still all around us and will continue to remains so with artists such as myself and people like yourself who love traditional American folk art.

Types of Folk Art

Types of Folk Art Done by me is the use of architecture predominantly focusing on churches and religious buildings as well as simple dwelling homes. Votive paintings in the form of embellished and decorative canvas and objects. My love for wood also stems from the intense admiration I have for folk art with the ancient types of sculpture being woodcarving. From miniature ships in bottles to large totem poles, woodcarving always stood out.

You are at the Home of Decorative Art

You are at the HOME of decorative art, which is lovingly and expertly crafted as quaint paintings, arts and crafts depicting rustic societies.