All about me


I Create What I love

I paint, photograph, and create woodwork what I love, but at the same time create the awareness and demand from collectors and art buyers. I create what I love and what I know collectors would love to make part of their homes or collections.

I work equally hard at branding myself as I do on any of my art pieces or work and one of my preferred and key platforms in creating a name for myself, which is recognized, is by taking commissions. I would visit a place or ask for photographs of the space they want the painting or woodwork placed and take the buyer’s style preferences, color preferences, and personal style into my creations.


Personal Creativity, Creating an Awesome Creative Statement

I do this overall reflection of a client’s taste and personality, whilst still holding on to my own personal creativity, creating an awesome creative statement. Therefore do I not take only the traditional route of only showing in galleries, but also taking commissions, online and on the streets of SoHo.

This method of selling and promoting, to me personally is showing people that it is not only art collectors who appreciates art. They see that art is appreciated by everyone and approachable to everyone. I love thinking “outside the box” and apart from painting and photography do I create my personal style woodwork making American Folk Art comes to live.


Timmy Montana Piece

My drive and love for creating keeps my art fresh and continuously unexpected although I still maintain a certain signature style, which a collector would recognize as a Timmy Montana piece. I believe that art could not sell itself simply because it is a Timmy Montana and take it upon me to make every piece of artwork and paintings as desirable as possible.

Something that is very important to me is giving back to the community; therefor do I donate artwork and wood sculptures to charity events regularly.

Learn More and Create More

I have a strong believe that I will continue to grow as an artist by pushing boundaries and challenge myself to learn more and create more. Above all am I incredibly grateful that I was given the artistic talent to create and paint.