Art Exhibition


Showcasing past and current work is basically the aim of any artist and I am no different. I am always looking for galleries and exhibitions to display my work and appreciate each person showing an interest in my work. A large part of my psychological makeup is always pushing myself to experiment more, to do more, and to be more.

I Will Have an Exhibition in New York

I do offer my work through galleries and selected art consultants. You can see upcoming art exhibitions by checking back soon as I will have an exhibition in New York. Past exhibitions include galleries such as Brian Marki Fine Art, Illume Gallery of Fine Art, Vanessa Rothe Fine, and Art and Chicago Art Fair.


Solo Shows during the years at various locations across Europe and my favorite New York City as well as group exhibitions are something I live for as professional artist.

Large Corporations as Well as Small Have Sponsored Me

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors for the tremendous help they have given me in the past and continued support. Large corporations as well as small have sponsored me, and each deserve to be mentioned.

Special thanks to Howard Gallery for their sponsor, Bonnor Galleries,,, gallery guichard,, as well as for their generous sponsor.